Thera-Link Review: Is It A Worthwhile Therapy Service

In the sea of online mental health services, there is one that you’ll be curious about, and that of course, is thera-link. Thera-LINK is a therapy service that is a little different from similar therapy services online. Thera-Link has a bonus of providing clients with a virtual waiting room and access to outstanding customer support. It helps link therapists to the clients they could potentially have.

So yes, it can help you find the private practitioners you need to find.


Online therapy is new, and it’s changed the way people work with one another. Therapists that have a degree want to find jobs so they can use their education to help others. But, oftentimes the brick-and-mortar practices are hard to access, and you might wonder what you should do in order to do once you finish your education. Or maybe you’re a counselor that has the training, and done all the internships, but you don’t know where to begin.

therapists and clients to connect you to connect with clients easily, and we’ll dive into this thera-link review what it is, and why clients on this platform definitely feel it’s worth considering.

What is It?

With online counseling being the answer, many are looking towards these days, both private practitioners and clients want to find someone that fits their needs. Online therapy is incredibly popular because it’s very convenient, which is wonderful for those who have odd schedules, it’s affordable, especially when considered to in-person therapy appointments that cost nearly double what it is online, and sometimes, it’s just easier. After all, it’s super easy to talk to people online, and you can get personalized help for your issues using and online platform without having to leave your house!

But, how do counselors get into online therapy? How can they bring their skills to others?

With theralink, you’ll be able to connect with potential clients you specialize in, via secure messaging sessions offering therapy options for you to choose.

Registering with Thera-Link LLC this is very easy, since you just need to sign up, proving your email, company practice, and your name. You then can choose how clients pay you, and your preferred clients.

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The pricing for access to this secure online portal is free for the first 15 days. After that, you’ll then be given a page where you choose the types of online sessions you want to provide. Every single therapist complies with HIPAA, and BAA, and from there, you get customized support for your therapy sessions. You can provide assistance wherever you want so long as you’ve got internet access and the appropriate telemedicine software installed via an iPhone, iPad or other compatible device.

Thera-link’s interface offer customized waiting rooms for customers while they wait to attende theri online therapy sessions for group and individual sessions. Depending on what you are able to treat, you can offer group or individualized sessions via your public directory listing. Considering you can make your money based on how many clients you have and sessions that are complete, the amount you make is really just dependent on you as a provider.

Specialty Areas

Thera link offers treatment for a variety of conditions and is increasing growing in functionality daily. Anxiety is one of the most common issues they tackle. Stress is another one that is tackled too, and you can offer different counseling for those who don’t know how to manage stress. There is also counseling for stress and how to manage it with your mental health.

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The Positives

In general, there is very little to complain about with this service. The Thera-Link interface is clean and It’s incredibly simple to start with. Even a non-techie person can get set up to use the platform by completing a quick and easy setup process. You will need some qualifications in order to get clients, but for the most part, signing up, choosing a payment plan, and setting up your practice is done all through the site. You can put together a full-on business through thera-link, which is pretty amazing. The majority of clients have no difficulty navigating through Thera-Link’s easy online setup.

Take advantage of a free trial to learn about our customer service and customer support options for HIPAA compliant therapists providing mental health services online. The Thera-link customer support team is responsive and knowledgeable and can answer customer support related questions regarding how to conduct teletherapy online. Customer service agents can quickly walk you through updating and installing telemedicine software prior to beginning to schedule your online sessions.

Any Downsides?

So far, there are a few downsides. One of the downsides is that you can’t e-prescribe medications as a component of your mental health treatment plan. Clients will need to be referred to another HIPAA compliant professional for medication management.

Telepsychiatry is also not a feature of theralink. One issue with theralink reviews as well is that the features are quite limited in this too. For example, you can’t till recently work on most major devices and browsers. The capacity is a little limited, but even then, that’s negligible compared to other services.

There is also no app for the people that you work with as a client. Lots of clients, especially those who are on the go would like for the app to be there so they can access messages easily. So far, only the website itself allows this, but that still offers a variety of different options for you to cry.


The verdict is simple, and that’s that thera-link is one of the top sites out there for those looking for assistance with starting their mental health and wellness counseling business. For many people, this changes their life. People can get the help they need and the wellness they enjoy and therapist can practice without having to worry about how to get clients to pay. With the right tech support and customer support options combined with the right therapy, you’ll be able to create a better result from this, and in turn provide the counseling that you want to.

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