The Best Meditation App to help you Relax Destress

Best Meditation Meditation apps have become one of the easiest and most accessible ways to maintain a mindfulness regimen. Whether you prefer guided meditation, deep breathing exercises or calming sleep stories, mindfulness meditation can be a huge added benefit to your daily wellness regimen. Research suggests that the benefits of meditation can include a reduction in stress levels, […]

11 Signs That Your Child & Friends May Need a Therapist

child  All kids have emotional ups and downs: periods of moodiness, trouble with friends, dips in academic performance. But how do you know if your child is struggling with something more serious? And when should you seek professional help? Some struggles are normal “Some moodiness, anxiety, and social and school difficulties are expected as kids grow up,” says psychologist Kristen […]

How to Perform Behavioral Experiments Test your Self- Limiting Beliefs

Behavioral Psychotherapists sometimes encourage clients to perform behavioral experiments that test the reality of their beliefs. It’s a powerful cognitive behavioral therapy technique that can help people recognize that their assumptions aren’t necessarily accurate. What you think and believe isn’t always true. But holding onto some of those beliefs might cause you to suffer. Related:- Reactive Architecture […]

How I Chose Therapy Over Pain & Overcame My Demons

Demons Well, this is exactly what our friend, Suhani Suman, decided to do! Share a story of her life and in turn encourage thousands of us who can relate to the same. Suhani, who recently turned 23, is a law student at National Law University Odisha, Cuttack. When she approached YourDOST for guidance, she had been […]

Don’t Let Coronavirus Affect Your Mental Health & Stress

Mental Health The Coronavirus pandemic (as declared by the WHO) has caused anxiety and stress to grip the world. Being constantly bombarded by an overdose of both information and misinformation, we are in the midst of an environment full of uncertainty, fear, sadness, anger and a lot of other overwhelming emotions. We asked our experts for some precautions that we […]

5 Ways Being Grateful Benefits You – Proven by Research

You must have been told this a thousand times, especially when things weren’t exactly going your way. Why do people say this? Does being grateful actually help you lead a happier life? If these questions have bugged you even momentarily, we’re here to answer them. It’s not easy being grateful when there’s still so much we haven’t achieved, […]

10 Tips for Parents to Ensure Your Teen’s Cyber Wellness

Wellness A study conducted in the US in 2018 showed that 45% of teens surveyed check their social media constantly. Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat are three of the most frequently visited online platforms in the world. In our ubiquitous digital world, these mediums become the platform for us to communicate and stay in touch with […]

Best Tips and Tricks to Help Your Kids Swallow Pills

Swallow Pills Having your children swallow pills is a big step from just taking liquid medication. The process can be a frustrating one both for parent and child. Continue reading for tips and tricks for helping your child swallow pills. For this post, I turned to my intern, who has been taking medication for ADHD for most of […]

Why Do Some Therapists Take Notes In Session?

A reader asked a question about the written word that’s too good to erase. It pertains to the value of longhand in the therapy office, which sounds like prime Mailbag material. Again, this is a disguised and distorted letter from an unidentifiable and possibly fictional reader: I love therapy and can’t imagine where I’d be […]

A Letter to Therapists: Beware of Financial Stress

colleagues across the globe united in our common battle against mental disorders, negative self-talk, unconscious drives, limiting beliefs, unhappiness and/or _____ (state your theory’s foe here). I write today to draw your attention to yet another debilitating condition that afflicts millions but has flown under the radar of the psychological community: Acute Financial Stress or since every psychological concern needs an […]