Personal Empowerment as a Prevention Strategy

When it comes to your health, taking matters into your own hands can sometimes be the best method for prevention issues such as substance abuse and physical or mental health problems. Personal empowerment means doing what you can to stay healthy and being more aware of what you need for self-care and prevention. Although there […]

How Does Traditional Somatic Therapy Work?

As more evidence accumulates to support the idea that the mind and body are closely connected, health practitioners are embracing different kinds of treatments such as somatic therapy. Doctors now understand that the mental health can play a role in physical well-being and vice versa. Somatic therapy is based on the concept that the body is closely […]

7 Cups Of Tea Review: Should You Use It?

7 cups of tea is an online mental health service that allowsmembers and guests to connect with listeners who are trained to help with mental health issues that are plaguing them. Whether it be jobs, finances, or even just your own mental health and wellness, seven cups of tea is a service that lets you […]

Online Mental Health Therapy Services: Are they Legit?

Online therapy is mental health therapy where you attend sessions with licensed and experienced therapists online. Therapy providers with hours of experience are licensed to discuss mental health issues online. Online therapy sessions are conducted with mental health professionals via text, video, phone chat sessions. Therapy by text, online video, and chat sessions now replace […]

Thera-Link Review: Is It A Worthwhile Therapy Service

In the sea of online mental health services, there is one that you’ll be curious about, and that of course, is thera-link. Thera-LINK is a therapy service that is a little different from similar therapy services online. Thera-Link has a bonus of providing clients with a virtual waiting room and access to outstanding customer support. […]

How Effective Is TMS? The TMS Therapy Success Rate

TMS Depression is a serious health concern. The condition is something of a chameleon, in that it affects everyone differently, and looks dramatically different in every personality it touches. For this reason, depression often goes undetected-or is misunderstood-which can exacerbate symptoms and endanger lives. Despite more than 300 million people living with depression worldwide, many aspects […]

Does Light Therapy For Depression Work?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, depression is a common but serious mental health disorder, with a formal diagnosing term as clinical depression or major depressive disorder. It has severe symptoms that we will touch in soon that can all affect how you think, feel, and handle daily activities. These activities range from […]

Self-Affirmation: A Way of Coping With Everyday Stressors

When we feel good about ourselves, our mental health tends to be relatively stable—this is an intuitive fact that lies at the core of self-affirmation theory. A key principle of this theory is that the self is composed of many parts or ‘domains.’ Such domains could include the family, spirituality, friends, work performance, and so on. […]

Online Therapy: Does It Actually Work?

Work “Online Therapy? Really?” Even though I’ve been practicing online therapy since 2010 I still get this response from people — even other therapists. Personally, I’m surprised that they’re surprised, given how common it has become over the last few years — not to mention all the benefits that it brings to the therapeutic process. […]

The Goals of Anger Management Therapy

People who participate in anger management therapy aren’t only involved because of a court order or employment requirement.  An increasing number of people are realizing how uncontrolled anger negatively affects their lives, and they want to make positive changes.  Uncontrolled anger has many negative consequences. It can damage relationships, impair judgment, and limit job success. […]